When it comes to conversations, men and women can sometimes be miles apart. Many women refuse to believe this because they’ve held the intense interest of a man for hours. But what some women fail to realize is that while she went on and on about her first frightening week in third grade, he was just nodding and trying to keep up as he awaited the end to her seemingly endless story.

How can you avoid this situation? Read on to find out what men really want to hear from you.

Not Too Much

Any way you want to wrap it up, men simply don’t want to hear from us too much. That might seem a little harsh or heartless, but being overly chatty is the most frequent complaint men have regarding the women in their lives.

No matter the topic you find, no matter how pertinent the information you may want to exchange with him, try to avoid being overly talkative.

Fun and Carefree

Surely you’ve heard it before; men are eternal kids, always out to have a good time and a good laugh. If you really want to keep him interested, don’t bog him down with tedious details of some barely interesting story (dull stories do not become more interesting simply by adding more and more details).

Make him laugh, keep the conversation light, and for heaven’s sake, let him get a word in.

Smart and Wise

A good friend of mine really had a way with conversing with her husband. She kept all the silly stuff for her nights with friends. When she did speak to her husband she was specific and avoided needless details. But she was also always smart in her choice of topics.

Show your wisdom and let him see your intellect. Simply work your way through it so that it is done in an interesting and concise way.

The Relationship to Come

“Honey, we have to talk.” If ever five words were uttered to cause a man to want to walk out the door, it would have to be these. When it comes to relationships men just fall into it and then take it day by day. They’re willing to see where it goes and rarely over think it. So when you come up to him with the need to talk, he knows he’s not going to like it.

Chances are you’re going to tell him what he’s done wrong or what you don’t want him to do.

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