Tattoos are now becoming more popular than ever to make a personal statement and more and more designs are being created which includes many new tattoo designs for men. Most of the old type designs have completely changed in looks. The doors have been flung open for new designs and more ways of expression.

Here is a small list of the most popular mens tattoo designs:

  • Wing Tattoos
  • Celtic Arm Tattoos
  • Tribal Tattoos
  • Japanese Tattoos
  • Sailor or Old School Tattoos
  • Cross, Animals or Font Tattoos

Wing tattoos usually include ones depicting, eagles, hawks, vultures and the like and are placed on the chest or shoulders.

Tribal tattoos derive from the Polynesian and Haida tribes. These tattoos often are representing forms of strength, masculinity, and power. They also use dark lines and curved or angular edges. The tribal designs are usually very bold in statement and range in size from small to large.

Perhaps the most ancient of them all is the Japanese tattoos. Once designers started using colored ink they became increasingly more popular. Especially when it came to the designs of Dragons, Koi fish, and Kanji. These particular tattoo designs represent strength and courage and can be placed anywhere on the body. Originally they were rather large tattoos that we often placed on the entire body or the back because of their great size. However today they are just as popular but have become smaller pieces of beautiful artwork.

In the western part of the world the most commonly used and seen tattoo design is that of sailor or old school tattoos. These tattoos are being redesigned into more modern styles that are much bolder with edgy bright colors. Some of these tattoo designs include: pinup girls, nautical and star designs. Normally these are chosen for their special meanings and are placed on the arm.

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